Determinants for the recovery of tourist flows, according to Manuel Molina

From the interview granted to Hosteltur, with the CEO of the German cooperative TSS Group, an international benchmark in terms of the standards of tourist distribution strategies, - Manuel Molina, got disclosed the main steps and actions which have to be adapted by the sector to recover tourist flows in the future, according to the president of the consortium.

At all times, TSS Group has promoted various actions focused on collaborating travel agencies, so that they take advantage of difficult times to learn new things and adopt new operating strategies once the activity could be resumed. As indicated Mr. Molina to Hosteltur, "this action should go hand in hand with the destinations, as they are the initial step in this new circle of trust that must prevail for the recovery of tourist flows."

From this point of view, it is clear that not only the private sector, but the operational combination of the public and private sectors that make up the management and determine the operation of a tourist destination, has to reinvent itself and seek new solutions to adapt to the future and to be able to face the new demand that will be determined by the circumstances that changed the industry in the past months.

Source: Touristik Aktuell

In the current scenario, destinations have to try to promote a more accelerated rate of the vaccination process, since this will be one of the key factors when it comes to recovering the confidence of tourists, as it is a safety factor. At the moment, the problem that arises is a rather slow rate of vaccination, as well as a poor dissemination of the data regarding the process dealing with other international agents, so that they could plan tourism activity in the future and guide the tourist consumer about the possibilities of traveling in the coming months.

In order to improve the situation, it is necessary to insist on a closer communication strategy between destinations and agents of the intermediation and distribution of international issuers, since "the ultimate goal of our companies is to keep our customers informed and safe", according to Molina.

"The key is to bring the points of sale as close as possible to the destinations and tourist companies of the receiving spaces", taking into account the positioning war that is expected between destinations as soon as there are possibilities of making tourist trips with more freedom"in the way that those who are best prepared in this new digital context will be the ones who will best adapt to the changes and will be the first to welcome the new wave of tourists.”. 

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