Tourism intermediation does not lag behind: new digital solutions

The Artificial Intelligence and other technologies based on Big data are, without any doubt, the engines for the prosperity of a business and more so when it comes to a sector as changing as tourism and specially in current circumstances, which require solutions of reinvention.

Following this line, the Czech technology provider SF-Software has come out with a digital solution for travel agencies, as reported Touristik Aktuell. The new solution, called Mein TES, is a new software based on Artificial Intelligence for the management of travel agencies. It is a kind of machine learning software that integrates front-, mid- and back-office functions. 

The first important client which has been counted with is the German cooperative TSS, which continues to bet on innovation in the tourism distribution sector and in this technological solution sees, in short, an important advance so that the associated companies come out stronger after the crisis.

According to Carsten Willbrand, the business developer at TSS Group, travel agencies can use the new software to manage processes more efficiently while significantly increasing the customer experience. It is important to bet on digital solutions now, since digital processes continually evolve, as well as on the provision of customer services based on Artificial Intelligence technologies they are increasingly important, says Willbrand.

With this new solution, the processes of various departments can be managed in a single system. Among others, the system manages information related to personnel, customer data, appointments, claims and complaints, marketing measures, billing, air and train tickets, accounting and control. In this way, it would help tourism intermediation professionals to have the possibility of dedicating more time to the consumer, by not spending so much effort on tasks that from now on can be automated. 

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