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Last week between June 28 and July 2, the FokusReiseLust event took place, promoted by the great Central European cooperative of tourism intermediation, which, jointly with its CEO and President Manuel Molina, supports the existence of this Cathedra of Tourism Innovation . Since the beginning of the pandemic, the German company has tried to provide maximum coverage to the needs of its partners and collaborators, support them and provide the necessary resources to ensure their survival in these times marked by uncertainty. 

One of the key points in maintaining the upward pace of recovery and emerging from this crisis more prosperous than before, as Molina assured on other occasions, is to maintain existing contacts, establish new relationships with companies and institutions, which can contribute to the reactivation of a business or an activity and even more when it is about the tourism framework, where interpersonal and interinstitutional relations are the fundamental pillars. 

The purpose of the event held has been to support tourism intermediaries, travel agencies on their way to customer recovery and strengthening their relationships with other tour operators, including destinations, for example. The event, held in virtual format, throughout the 5 days has offered different activities, maintaining the dynamics of the interaction between the agents of the tourism sector. Among those activities, there have been numerous round tables, debates, webinars, interviews and conferences, proposals for best practices. 

The objective of such actions is, without any doubt, to seek new ways of generating interest in target audiences, to gain trust, to understand through conversations with collaborators and other agents in the sector what are the main features of the different segments of the sector. tourist demand, needs and expectations. So, in these moments when tourism activity is gradually reactivated and when intermediation has a significant weight when it comes to promoting travel, it is intended to create synergies and generate competitive advantages to reactivate the industry, take advantage of the crisis to reshape the approaches and business objectives, operating strategies.

Likewise, it is to highlight the participation in the event of such destinations as Spain, Andalusia and Costa del Sol.

Last week's event will be complemented by another initiative, which would close the cycle of events for this month, called MissionReiseLust. Through this action, contact between clients and their travel agents will be fostered, making virtual instruments and platforms available to professionals of this nature in the form of a digital exhibition to communicate with clients proactively. In this sense, customers can be invited and offered virtual access to relevant content, establish contact with their travel agents, find out about relevant aspects that may affect their potential travel.

In summary terms, through initiatives of this nature it is evident that, to efficiently reactivate the travel industry, close collaboration and communication between different agents in the sector is required, supported by the use of the appropriate technological means according to the situation, as well as a greater approach to the client, its demands, needs and desires to be able to adapt to the new challenges that are proposed by the consumer segment.

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