Holidays are part of our life and it's time to enjoy them again

Recently Manuel Molina has shared his opinion on current events in the tourism industry, as well as on the evolution of the recovery of the activity from an economic, social and political points of view.

In this sense, the CEO and President of the great Central European cooperative of tourism intermediation TSS Group, emphasizes the importance of political figures in choosing the path towards the reactivation of tourism. Said this, Molina has held meetings with German political representatives in order to seek a compromise that would allow the regulations to be adapted to the evolution of health indicators with more agility and flexibility. 

“Holidays are an essential part of people's lifestyles and we have to work to provide them with the comfort and security so that they can get back to their lives. The measures adapted for mass vaccination of the population are bearing fruit and we have to take advantage of them to give tourists more freedom ”- defends Molina. 

He insists as well on the need of a more reasonable political strategy that would avoid constant sudden changes in travel regulations and restrictions that force travelers to resist going abroad. Due to the constancy of these changes, tourism companies are facing the irregularity in the flow of travelers, sales volumes and the consequent income and liquidity levels. In this way, over the last few months it has been possible to experience both booms and falls in terms of productivity, which does not guarantee economic stability for companies or their employees, being in the state of constant uncertainty. 

Despite all, Molina is optimistic and encourages to continue working and defending the rights of the sector. In his particular field, that of tourist intermediation, he explains that travel agencies have found an increase in interest on the part of customers, who often opted for classic travel planning, trusting their intermediary and security it provides them. 

TSS Group continues striving to provide cooperative members with a safe work environment, in which they can develop their ideas, innovate in the work, product and management model. In this sense, from the headquarters they support the agencies through liquidity bonds, events that they organize to share experiences and opinions at the business level, creating tools and solutions that open up more possibilities for partners to operate efficiently in these times marked by a health, economic and social crisis.

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