Reflections with Manuel Molina: Andalusia tourist destination, German market and how the booking and travel process is being transformed

In the two recent interviews between Manuel Molina Lozano and the news stations CanalSur and CadenaSer, the president and CEO of the German tourist intermediation cooperative TSS Group, which brings together more than 3500 travel agencies in Germany and Poland, explained the perspectives for the recovery of tourist trips in the German market; the relationships of travel agents with tourism destinations, in particular with Andalusia; changes in the behavior of reserves, among others.

First of all, Molina shares his optimism regarding the recovery of tourist trips between Germany and Andalusia for the month of May, estimating that this wave could reach between 50% and 60% of the volumes of German travelers in 2019. "We have to be realistic, right now the best scenario we can count on is reaching Andalusia and the Costa del Sol for 60% of the number of German tourists in 2019" - insists Molina. “All tourism companies are experiencing the worst crisis in history, but we are positive, our clients give us encouragement and emotional strength by showing their interest in traveling again. They want to visit their favorite destinations again and Andalusia is, without any doubt, one of them ”.

Certainly, according to the president and CEO of TSS Group, the Andalusian tourist destination can improve its positioning, attract more segments of tourists and intermediaries if it reinforces its communication strategies. “Andalusia is a destination that has a wide range of resources and products to offer, it is also a territory that provides security, since it is in the European Union - the advantage it has over some competitors. All the resources that this land can offer must be communicated and explained much better ”- clarifies Molina.

Likewise, dealing with the subject of competing destinations, Manuel Molina together with his company, from the perspective of tourism intermediation, assures that the competition is not sleeping. “Looking at the data for the summer, it should be noted that Turkey and Greece are already overtaking Spain. Andalusia is very well prepared, but it has to be activated even more: find smart ways to reach the German market ”, reports Molina.

In the same terms of tourism destinations, Molina once again emphasizes the importance of establishing an efficient and trustworthy relationship circle between destinations and travel agents. “Destinations must prepare travel agencies professionals very well. Customers are going to enter the travel agencies and these last must be prepared by the destinations, to explain the protocols that exist, travel requirements, new security measures, new products and services, etc. “- assures Molina. “Even if you have the experience of having traveled, for example, to Andalusia, life has started again, you have to work again on the trust of the client and the intermediary, which will be achieved mainly through human contact and sources of reliable and official information ”, he adds. 

Finally, Molina highlights the importance of re-evaluating for tour operators of the processes related to search, reservation and travel. In this sense, he indicates that the trends in travel searches, for example, flights, are very positive, but the data of this nature doesn't have to overwhelm reality: “No matter how many searches, if it is not proceeded to book and make the trip, it cannot be taken as an indicator of recovery ”- concludes Molina. From this point of view, he suggests that in the post-COVID era, companies and destinations have to work on this new aspect. Before the health crisis occurred, as he affirms, trips were sought, reserved and carried out and all this constituted and was perceived as a single process, however, now there are three different elements and there must be paid special attention, work and analysis to each of them. Otherwise, the cases that are not very favorable for the liquidity of the companies can continue to occur, when it was necessary to search or even book, but finally the client was canceling the trip.


The interviews can be consulted and listened to through the following links:

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