Operate on the "overnight" model and be prepared for sudden changes - the challenges to take on and face, according to Manuel Molina

Recently, in the framework of an interview between Canal Sur TV and Manuel Molina Lozano, the CEO and president of TSS GROUP (a Central European company for tourism intermediation) and patron of the Chair of the UMA Faculty of Tourism that bears his name, The issue of ups and downs in European tourist movements has been discussed, as well as expectations regarding the recovery and release of displacements for the coming months.

In this sense, according to Molina, tourist freedom is retained, but not asleep, since, as has been observed in recent weeks, as soon as a region is no longer a risk zone, flights skyrocket and fill with travelers. This is the clear example of the Balearic Islands, however, the Costa del Sol could also count on this positive tourist disruption soon, for which it must be prepared. 

From the point of view of tourist intermediaries, he assures that today the more than 3500 agencies attached to TSS Group have had to change their operating model so that they have to immediately adapt to the surrounding circumstances as soon as they have place. "Things can change from week to week and it is what we have complicated to handle at present "- assures Molina," it is necessary to have a strategic plan of action, several support plans, so that we are prepared for any change in epidemiological terms, norms and requirements of trips".

Although Germany will soon enter a new lockdown due to the increase in incidents, industry professionals are optimistic, adds Molina. It is expected that in the coming months it will be possible to travel with more freedom and confidence, however, he insists, it is crucial to advance in the efficient organization of the vaccination process - which continues to be a challenge for the European Union.

"It is clear that this summer is not going to be the same as that of 2019 and the previous ones, the full recovery of the industry is still a long way off, it may take several years to arrive" - explains Molina. "At the present time and given the new limitations by the federal government, 37% of Germans are willing to travel outside their country, however, it must be taken into account that it is 37% of a market that is capable of spending 70 billion euros, which can be a considerable income for the industry ”. From this point of view, these tourists have to be attracted, destinations have to be quick to react, open their capacities and resources at the moment that travel is allowed and get the maximum possible liquidity in that section, keeping in mind that said opportunity it can be closed again soon.

Likewise, the CEO and president of TSS Group once again insists on the importance of the role of tourism intermediation throughout this time that the total recovery of tourism activity will take, as these agents are the ones who will give the personal confidence that travelers will seek. On the other hand, he reminds that destinations must be prepared and have a solid infrastructure that provides sufficient health security.

Finally, he affirms that what has been learned in these months is that all segments of the tourism industry must be together if they want to face a crisis: “Tourism is not just a travel agency, but tour operators, civil aviation, hospitality, institutions, destinations and many more. We have to be much more professional and not be guided each by his own interest, but establish common goals and steps to achieve them - this is what ensures our future ”.

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