TSS Group issues its first liquidity bonds

The German cooperative of tourist distribution TSS Group issues for the first time the liquidity bonds addressed to the travel agencies allied to the cooperation, in order to support the members in times of the crisis that the world is currently facing and especially in the midst of the economic difficulties that fall on the tourism industry.

This kind of support was announced at the end of September, when the president and founder of the cooperation, Manuel Molina, assured that there was an intention to give support to their collaborating entities, facing the future months full of uncertainty. The liquidity bonds are based on joint promotions with destinations, touristic and technological operators.

Currently the agencies have received transfers of about 110 euros on average, corresponding to the November campaign.

According to Manuel Molina, "it is important that travel agencies receive the additional funds quickly, easily, realistically and reliably, which should help them in their day to day". He also adds that agencies will be able to continue benefiting from the subventions and to receive bigger amounts, as long as they continue participating in member campaigns.

Liquidity bonds also provide additional values to companies, such as additional training, loyalty and customer acquisition, which would contribute to improving their competitive advantage.

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