TSS Group starts its "Digital World Tour"

In the changing scenarios and environments that the tourism industry is experiencing today, it is more than ever important to have a proactive and focused attitude instead of hiding, - once again the CEO of TSS Group Manuel Molina speaks out about the difficulties the tourism sector is going through and how to deal with them.

This time, the proposal and action of the German cooperative has consisted in the creation of a new platform that brings service providers, intermediaries and destinations closer to travel agencies so that they can mark decisive impulses of action to win customer service, catch their current needs and resolve the uncertainties. In this way, "The Digital World Tour" will bring together national and foreign tourism partners to thousands of travel agencies even more effectively.

According to Manuel Molina, "with different themes that change monthly, we want to show a path to a successful future together with our partners by continuing to consistently focus on communication, education, and customer- and winners-oriented models."

TSS Group continues to support its collaborators and partners, seeking to offer each time practical solutions to the concerns and difficulties of the tourist reality, to successfully face difficult times and leave them behind more prepared and prosperous than before.

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