Continue expanding the range of support measures for intermediation and its clients - according to Manuel Molina

In his last interview with Tourinews, Manuel Molina - the CEO and director of the great Central European cooperative of tourist intermediation, explained the new tools that TSS Group has offered to tourist intermediaries.

In this sense, and supporting the same philosophy as before, Molina indicates that, surely, in these months the strength and speed of the recovery and reinvention of tourism will increase. That is why, from the perspective of his company, there is a need to continue promoting measures to support companies, so that they can offer improved experiences to their customers and capture the maximum segment of these last. 

“There have been several factors throughout this last year that have affected the activity of the companies and their state of mind; Undoubtedly, until today, it is difficult to plan the work and guarantee something to the customer. For this reason, it is necessary to continue promoting actions and offer tools to these companies to strengthen their communication links with other companies, institutions and destinations, expand their knowledge and have updated information at every moment. On the other hand, we must continue working for the client, open more possibilities to bring together the client with his agency, give him current, truthful and attractive information, provoke the desire to travel and inspire confidence ”- explains Molina.

In order to achieve these aims, TSS Group will promote two types of events and solutions. Firstly, there is the action called FokusReiseLust which will offer, during the last days of June, various virtual events dedicated to tourism intermediation agents. In this sense, it is intended to organize several conferences with the main objective of strengthening relations between tourism actors, proposing ways to optimize business and creating new services, products and values for tourism consumers. 

Secondly, there is an initiative MissionReiseLust, which will take place for two weeks at the beginning of July, just after finishing the first action. This action is intended to improve relationships between agencies and their clients, granting intermediaries access to their clients to virtual content through the platform, in order to awaken their interest and confidence in making the reservation and the subsequent trip with their agent, to also be able to consult various relevant updated info in relation to the possibilities of travel.

The CEO and president of TSS Group, trusts that, in this way, they will be able to get closer the clients to the tourist intermediaries, as well as to generate common knowledge, exchange experiences, create strategic unions in these times marked by the deep crisis of the tourism sector, since union and knowledge can be the key factors to create strength. 

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