Informative meeting: NECSTouR and projects of european funds

Today the Cathedra Manuel Molina of Tourism Innovation has attended the informative meeting, where the European Initiative NECSTouRhas been discussed, as well as the programs financed by the European funds of the R+D+i framework (Research, Development and innovation).

One of the objectives and basic activities of the Cathedra is the promotion of research and participation in projects of this nature, due to that the possibilities of participation in research programs at European level, among others, are being exhaustively studied.

Through participation in these programs, it is intended to establish a wide network of contacts with various institutions in Europe in order to work together on research and development projects that contribute to the improvement of the tourism industry, injecting innovative solutions that are appropriate for the issues of the moment.

To this day, one of the main funding programmes that encourages research and development in the European framework is the so-called “Horizon 2020”, which will be succeeded by the “Horizon Europe” programme that will cover the years between 2021 and 2027.

The future program will have 3 structural pillars, which are:

·       Excellent science;

·       Global challanges and industrial competitiveness;

·       Innovative Europe;


The tourism industry today is going through complicated circumstances, so now, more than ever, it requires innovative proposals, taking advantage of the difficult stretch it is going through, to leave it with more knowledge and solutions to be applied efficiently in the future , - a challenge in which the Cathedra is actively involved.

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