The Cathedra at the XIII International Congress of Tourism and ICT

During October 25 and 26, the TURITEC congress will be held, promoted and organized by the University of Malaga, the Faculty of Tourism and the University Institute for Tourism Intelligence and Innovation Research. The congress, which had been postponed since last year, can finally be held in person, bringing together experts from the sector, academics, business and public authorities with the common objective of contributing to the technological advances of the tourism industry, and ensuring for efficient and sustainable innovation.  

Within the framework of TURITEC 2021, the Cathedra is among the collaborators of the mentioned congress, giving, on the one hand, support to the organization of the activities that are going to take place. 

On the other hand, the Manuel Molina Cathedra of Tourism Innovation has taken the initiative to introduce to this year's program the special block dedicated to companies of the technology sector that offer solutions for the tourism industry. In this sense, various companies have been summoned to share their experiences, tools and solutions with the sector, as well as to strengthen their relationships with other businesses, researchers and representatives of the public sector.

In this block of the program, participating companies will have the possibility to present their technological solution, as well as to comment on it later with other attendees in the round of questions. Among the companies that are part of the program are both those that are start-ups or young companies, and others more consolidated in the technology and services sector.

This initiative aims to promote and support entrepreneurship, bring the academic sector closer to the business sector and vice versa, as well as to show the importance and usefulness of the insertion of digital and technological tools in the operative and productive system of the tourism sector, emphasizing the advances that tourism has already achieved in this vector.

The complete list of the speakers and their respective solutions, as well as the rest of the congress program, can be consulted through the following link:

We greatly appreciate the collaboration of all the entities that participate directly and indirectly in the celebration of this congress and we hope that they can take advantage of it efficiently.

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