Speech by Manuel Molina at the II South Forum «Tourism and covid»: tourism deserves better treatment

On March 26, in the framework of the debate day of the II South Forum, several representatives of the tourism sector were able to meet to discuss the issue of the prospects of the German tourism market and its current and potential relationships with destinations Spain, Andalusia, Costa del Sol and Malaga. Continue Reading

Operate on the "overnight" model and be prepared for sudden changes - the challenges to take on and face, according to Manuel Molina

Recently, in the framework of an interview between Canal Sur TV and Manuel Molina Lozano, the CEO and president of TSS GROUP (a Central European company for tourism intermediation) and patron of the Chair of the UMA Faculty of Tourism that bears his name, The issue of ups and downs in European tourist movements has been discussed, as well as expectations regarding the recovery and release of displacements for the coming months. Continue Reading

Reflections with Manuel Molina: Andalusia tourist destination, German market and how the booking and travel process is being transformed

In the two recent interviews between Manuel Molina Lozano and the news stations CanalSur and CadenaSer, the president and CEO of the German tourist intermediation cooperative TSS Group, which brings together more than 3500 travel agencies in Germany and Poland, explained the perspectives for the recovery of Continue Reading

Reflections with Manuel Molina: tourism innovation and financing funds

Today the issue of tourism innovation and the imminent arrival of financial funds to support it has become crucial, as the sector is strongly affected by the pandemic. From this point of view, for months various sectors within the tourism industry have been encouraged to opt for the financing funds granted, among others, by the European Union. Continue Reading

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